San Carlos Men’s Club


RULES of Play



1. Putts: No “Gimmies” are allowed . During Match Play, Follow Match Play rules and putt out.


2. O.B.: Any ball landing outside the boundary of the golf course will be   considered out of bounds. Any ball hit into the driving range to the left of the hill on hole #10 is considered out of bounds.


3. Sand Bunkers/ Waste Areas: Any ball coming to rest in a footprint or animal track is entitled to relief. Ball should be lifted, the landing area raked and the ball returned to its original landing position.


4. Ground Under Repair: Holes #1 & #11. Any ball landing inside the boundary of the golf course and in an area that is under construction is considered ground under repair. Player will be permitted to use the 90 degree rule back to the fairway but no closer to the hole, take drop and continue to play through the green.


5.  Lost Ball: If a ball is lost inside the boundary of the golf course, under penalty of one stroke, player can drop a ball on a line of the previous position of the ball and where ball was lost and continue play through the green.


6.  Fairway/ Rocks: All balls landing in the fairway or rough will be permitted to be moved no more than one club length but no closer to the hole. All balls landing in the rocks will be permitted to be moved no more than two club lengths but no closer to the hole. No penalty strokes are assessed. In 2015, this rule was modified to include the use of artificial grass mats.  When a player chooses to use the mat, the mat to be placed at the location where the ball rests.  There is no club length adjustment for the use of mats.


7. 15th Club: All players are permitted to carry more than 15 clubs.


8.  MAXIMUM SCORE: You may pick up on a hole and record a maximum score. Record a net 4 over par as your net score, and if you were receiving any handicap strokes on the hole add them to calculate your gross score. For Example: If you pick up on a par 3, and you were getting one handicap stoke on this hole:

Net                   = 3 + 4 = 7

Gross    = 3 + 4 + 1 = 8

There is no difference between a maximum score of net 4 over par, for a player who picks up on a hole and records a maximum score, as compared to a player who completed the hole recording a net 4 over par. If these two players were involved in an individual match the hole would be considered a tie.


9. CONTINUOUS PUTTING RULE: After your second putt you should continuously putt until you hole out, and putts within the leather can be giving.


10. MARK BALLS: Put identification marks on balls put into play. If you can’t identify it as yours, it’s lost.



When the cart pulls up to the tee, someone MUST proceed to hit…

Four players going over scores is wasting time.

Do not leave your cart, and walk long distances with just your range finder.

Do not spend more than 3 minutes looking for a lost ball.

If you are scorekeeper and you have honors, hit first & tally while others are hitting!

Do not tally scores near the green.


12. SPORTSMANSHIP A good sport helps opponents search for lost balls. Do not use your superior knowledge of the rules of golf to intimidate opponents, or call violations after the fact on purpose, to your advantage. If someone is about to break a rule warn them in advance, if you can. Always remember you joined to have fun, you are not Ty Cobb, and it is not the seventh game of the World Series.


13. MODIFIED MAXIMUM TIME SEARCHING FOR A LOST BALL: A person has ONLY 3 MINUTES to locate a lost ball. Once the 3 minutes have elapsed the search is over, and even if the ball is to be found, it is classified as a lost ball. Players who continue to search beyond the 3-minute mark by ignoring opponents should be reported to management.


Become a Board Member

Nominees shall be posted in February

Ever consider running for the Board of Directors; now is the time to put your hat in the ring. Contact any board member if you are interested in being nominated.
A nominating committee will be selected each year by the Vice President at the January Luncheon. This committee will be in charge of nominating members of the men’s club to be on the Board of Directors for the following year. The list of nominees shall be posted in February and the election of officers will be held at the March luncheon meeting. All officers will serve for a period of one year, and shall turn over all records and club property to their successors.